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Destiny Restored Ministries!

Empowering individuals to fulfill their life’s purpose


The Purposeful Life

In order to have a destiny that needs to be restored, there had to be a destiny that was lost. This was first made evident in the Garden of Eden, where the plan of God for man was apparently destroyed when Satan tempted Eve to eat the fruit.

Purpose Forfeited

Since the beginning of time, Satan attempted to steal the most important thing that man possesses, one’s DESTINY.


Purpose Redeemed

Fortunately for us, God's plan for us has always been higher than the plan of the enemy. He desires to make us whole and to re-establish our relationship with Him. Through His Son Jesus Christ, God's original plan for us has been RESTORED

Our Ministries

Destiny Restored Ministries (DRM) is a faith-based community organization that was founded in 2019. The primary focus of DRM is to share the love of God and to work alongside people in the community to restore the destinies of men, women, and children.

Adeline Dajuste

If you are passionate about what we are doing here at DRM. Let us know! We are always looking for like-minded people who believe they are blessed to be a blessing to others.

Our success begins and ends with you. Together we can accomplish so much more. Let the restoration process begin, one person at a time.